27 May 2019

Lady in red on the roof of the World

The red dress is a special outfit. At the time it needs to dare to put it on. Similarly to the leopard pattern the red dress stands out in the crowd and highlights. The red coloured dress also reflects the character of the girl who it.
The red colour requires bravery sometimes.

In this outfit I wear a dress with double frill and quite loose-fitting shape.
Because the total look was combined of two colours, I did not have to limit myself with colours on the handbag.

The handbag is colourfull and has a Parisian motive (it's better visible by the outfit The way for the light dress).

The hat with a large brim completes the dress up and by its colour fits the rest accessories. The scarf on the hat perfectly fits with its colours to the pattern on my bag.

This dress up shows that to simple and spare in colours forms it is possible to add something dappled like a bag or a scarf and it does not take attention from the full outfit.
And a red dress can be daunted with proper accessories.

Where can you go dressed up like this?

It all depends on your braveness and fantasy. This kind of dress up would be perfect for both dates as well as for a business meeting of a CEO. In some cases, it can be a good choice also for a job interview for a position which require to be brave and which does not require wearing a simple suit. 

Dress up: Dżoolka
Pictures: Smolk



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