How does it look like in practice?

Depends on the need I help to create ready dressup for a given occasion (for example buying a uniform or dress for a wedding - your or your friend). I also bring a complete service of creating dressups for many occasions like a date, interview or every working day ect.
If you do not like shopping or you just do not have time for it, you can let me check shops to find a cloth or clothes you need.

What can I exactly do for you?

Shopping together

You tell me:
  • what you do need (for example ready dressup for specific occasion like stylish for a date or friend's wedding or just one clothing like jacket)
  • how much you want to spend on it (f.ex. max. 50EUR) and how many clothes you want to buy

We go shopping together and I help you to find what you need and what you look good in and feel comfortable at same time.

Complete consultancy

The complete consultancy service consist of two stages:

Stage I - Overview your wardrobe

The first stage is to overview clothes that you have and sort them to trow away those which you should not wear anymore.
After that I know which clothes you already have and what is needed to purchase to complete your wardrobe and be able to create stylings.

Stage II – shopping

The second stage are shopping.

The aim of shopping is to buy elements of your wardrobe to be able to create at least few styligs for different occasions.

Search for a particular clothing

If you do not need shoping together but you do not have time for looking for a clothes in tousand od shops, you can let me researches. 

You tell me:
  • what you need (for example navy blue jacket with hood or maxi skirt)
  • which occasion and season
  • how much you want to spend on it (for example: max. 50EUR).

I send you back:
  • list of shops where you can find what you need in your size 
  • pictures of clothes from that shops