Why Personal Shopper?

Because I have a talent!

Talent is a gift with which we are born with. Properly developed makes us unique specialists in the field you develope it and is something no one can take away from you.

My gift which I inherit from my mom's line is the talent to dressup. My grand-grandmother, a very elegant and stylish woman, instilled in the family a passion for fashion, style and elegance. She could sew thanks of what she conjured up amazing clothes for themsels and her children.
My grandmother, then my mother, as little girls aroused wonder what wore.

My grandmother was founder and owner of a clothing company. She was supplying a legendary shop called Polish Fashion. I remember when I was a small girl that the skirts of her "brand" wore most of the women in my city of Wroclaw.

To clothes with love...

And I, because I love fashion and clothes in general started my own fashion blog.
With time people (both: boys and girls) started asking me for advices and than taking me for shipping to help them find and shose clothes for particular occasions: suit for friend's wedding, shirt for an intevew, dress for a date...

So with this experience I decided to remain faithful to family talent and continue the work initiated by his grandmother in the industry. I decided not to limit to my friens but expand my services that is why now I am asking you: May I help you with fashion?

What I do besinde it?

I am Polish entrepreneur (I own wide diversvied startup) under the name Juliversum.
I my city of Wroclaw, Poland I organise events for woman SWAP Wroclaw which became the biggest party of exchanging clothes in this city and is 2nd in Poland.

As a student I organied a Fashion Show which turned out to be the first fashion show in the history of my university – The Wroclaw University of Technology.

In brief I am:
(in a totally random order)