25 October 2018

Burgundy autumn in the hat

Most of the autumn coats are in a black colour, a bit less of them are dark-gray. Another colour which is popular since few fall seasons is green olive called khaki. This colour is the same gloomy as a black or gray.

...and everybody are complaining that autumn is sad and gray. So, what about to change an attitude to the colours? What about to cheer the autumn with colour of our clothes?

This time I will present very cheer dressup with a coat and a hat in the colour of burgundy wine and a very colourfull, folk skirt.

I love hats both: the sunny ones and winter ones because they gice a schic and elegance to every outfit.

In this dressup I enriched my hat with a full of diamonds brooch in the shape of a snowflake.

In this dressup I also have a scarf with a hood which can be replaced with the hat.
While I have a hat on my head, the hood is just located in the back.

My main outfit consists of a simple, black polo neck and a skirt with a folk pattern. The skirt is patterned enough to not require any accessories. Also because of burgundy coat adding a new colour could be even dangerous for this outfit. That is why I chose black, cover tights and also black cowboy boots. The boots with the width bootleg make legs visually slimmer.


Actually, the only accessory I put on to this dressup is a very thin, fuchsia chain which is a final touch.

Among accessories of my outdoor outfit are black gloves with houndstooth which break monochromatic of my look.

Fulfilling and joining the main dressup and outdoor part is a black, felt handbag with a folk motif which harmonizes by the colour and theme with the floral skirt.

The total cost of dressup: around 20EUR

Dressup and model: Dżoolka
Pictures: TutenHoman


  • burgundy coat - for sale! 
  • hat - iNdependy
  • snowflake brooch - iNdependy
  • folk floral skirt - iNdependy
  • black polo neck - noname
  • black tights -got for Christmas from Grandma (A.D. 2010)
  • black gloves with houndstooth - discount shop (2015)
  • fuchsia chain - Lolita
  • felt handbag - Christmas Market (got for Christmas in 2014)
  • black cowboy boots - Forever18 (from Anno Domini 2011)
  • scarf with hood - clothes swapping party - SWAP Wroclaw

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