4 March 2016

Celtic silk

I present winter inspired stylish which I composed yet in October but, because of lack of photographer, I couldn't present it earlier.
This stylish I will show you in two versions. This one is a new version, from February.

Mini and the shirt 

The celtic skirt is something I dreamed about from a long time already. Also from the long time I am absolutely in love with silk. My love to silk is expressed by thousand silk shirts hang in my wardrobe.

And just with a silk, I composed this celtic beauty which I got on my last party called SWAP Wrocław (Wrocław is the city where I organize this party) where girls swap clothes among each other. 

The mini skirt, because of its colorfulness, has to be composed of something sober.

I chose navy tights, which tone down all light elements of stylish and add some cold whiff to it.

It's rare that shoes and a bag are in the same colour in my stylish, but this time they are. Tassels bag fits the style of the skirt.


To mini skirt the best are long sweaters, so-called cardigans. Here I presented two of them: the navy one with asymmetric shape with an interesting fastener and the second one - sleeveless in chocolate brown colour.


Like always I have a splendor of bracelets among which are light bamboo, dark bamboo, metal one in a warm colour wooden one and in turquoise colour. A brown, metal watch makes a perfect totality.
On my neck, I've turquoise necklace which break yellowness.

Belt made of beads is my prize from rummage sale which I attended during a trip to Warsaw (a capital of my country, Poland). In the beginning, I didn't have any idea for it and I rather think of composing it with summer dressup. It turned out it is irreplaceable with this one - winter stylish. Thanks to colour beads it perfectly composes with a skirt and stays in contrast to the shirt. Its task is to hold a skirt and enable it to wave like a plastic bag.

Sunglasses in fashion shape of Ray-Ban adds a bit more modernity to this stylish.

As outdoor I chose a leather jacket and a cream scarf which stay in contrast with the dark elements of my outfit.

The total cost of stylish: 100 EUR

(including at least 5 y.o. jacket costed 75EUR)


  • celtic mini skirt - clothes swapping party SWAP Wroclaw 
  • silk shirt - commemorative clothes swapping party SWAP Wroclaw  
  • tasseled bag - used, bought on one Facebook's group
  • long, chocolate-brown pullover – from my own wardrobe (hesitated from my aunt)
  • navy blue, asymmetrical sweater – second hand
  • shoes - CCC
  • bracelets – mix of old and new
  • watch – got form mama
  • belt – garage sell-off in Warsaw (2015)
  • turquoise necklet beads - fair Dni Jeleniej Góry (2007) The Days of Jelenia Gora City
  • glasses – found during clothes swapping party SWAP Wroclaw   
Dressup: Dżoolka

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