30 April 2016

Elegance with simplicity

This dressups is dedicated to the less formal meeting for example evening meet up by the beer.
I put on a simple slim dress made of thin wool. The dress has a polo neck top designed with a loose. The dress just screams for accessories! So I put on a tweed style waistcoat which enhances the waist and highlights the styling.

The shoes with tassels are my favorite. They make the impression that in this dressup something happens so, even it's simple, it is not boring. 

The handbag made of material imitating snakeskin brings elegance this dressup. The green-brown headscarf tied on it adds some colours to my dressup.

What I put on the top I created totally separated dressup. You can find it here: Classy Tweed.

Total cost of dressup: around 9,5EUR


  • dress - got from my friend (no one in her family wanted to wear it)
  • tweed waistcoat - heritated from my mom, it's older than I am
  • bag - bought in charity shop
  • shoes - bought in second hand 
  • headscarf on bag - second hand

Dressup: Dżoolka
Pictures: Bartek Smo


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