26 March 2016

Classy tweed


Every situation which does not require black and white formal suit is a chance for classic style.
In my wardrobe I have "perls" which I hold from ages and I am gonna keep them there. Despite of passing years and changing fashion trends they are still trendy. And, because I care of my clothes very much, they can suit me for another years.
Those clothes has a classic style and they are made of classic textiles. 

In this styling a classic and styling element is a tweed coat which I bought five years ago in second hand. Its sober colour - neither light nor dark makes it a daily look. 
I just don't know, why I forgot to button a middle button... 

Another classic is the hat. Hats are absolutely timeless. I have a lot of them. I wear them according to my need and occasion. Hats with round roundabout, like the one I present with this styling is proper for more formal occasion.

Shawl with a chain theme - chain theme was designed by Chanel, a legendary designer and fashion dictator. This theme gives an elegant look to every singe styling just because it is this theme.
In this styling I wear green, satin shawl which makes my dressup more vitalize and fits great to green, car style gloves.

A bag with a snake invoice and bandana makes that styling is not boring. Thanks to sober colour of bandana it perfectly harmonize with the leading colours of the dressup and does not dodge with shawl on my neck.

Because simple, stylish shoes are boring I wear fringe cowboy boots. Thanks to gentle line and luck of sharp toes thes it is possible to include them to timeless clothes too. 



  • jacket - sh (but branded)
  • cowboy boots - sh
  • hat - got for Christmas (already few years ago)
  • bag - charity shop
  • bandana - got it
  • leather gloves - street stand
Dressup: Dżoolka
Pictures: Bartek Smo

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