4 July 2015

In the style of '50s


It is said that nowadays we have fashion for everything. I would rather limit it to statement that today the second youth celebrate typical for '50s skirts made on circle, dots and polka dot combines with in my opinion the worst fashion of '90s.
'90s fashion will always make me think of large jackets, „pillows” makes arms larger and espadrilles which my fits will never experience.
To favor returned also hats.

My trimmed in navy colour dressup gravitates to youth years of my grandma and a dress which I put on probably even remember that years! The element breaking through navy is fuchsia hat.

Details which makes dress up really elegant are accessories. This time I do not have brancelet but a ring with pearl and necklaces. They both are a memento from my most gorgeous, Chinese roommate.

What about pictures for this dressups – they couldn't go without comment. I achieved over 100 of them and I never before had such a big problem with choosing just a few from them which I like.

dress - no-name, bought used on Facebook selling group
shoes - Stradivarius
hat – Chinese shiopping center
jewellery – got from my precious roommate
sunglasses - hipermarket E.Leclerc

Cost of dressup: around 30EUR
Pictures: Bartek Smo

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