13 August 2015

Pastel summer

Dress code this year is just a drama. Even when an appointment is gonna take place in the air-conditioned room, first you need to get there throw an oven. My solution for this drama is a flared, airy and thin skirt, which bland, pastel colors I break with the black colour which is always elegant.

This skirt in a strong "grandma" style I found some time ago in already non-existent second hand. Despite its terrible look, I spotted in this skirt its potential which was emitted the light of day by Mrs. seamstress.

I am ashamed coz of not having tights but thermometers shown 36 degrees that and I was scared that if I had worn any, they would have ba with my skin in this abnormal oven. 
I know there is a lot of pictures this time but I absolutely was not able to chose less of them. Most of all I achieved I liked very much. 

The total cost of dressup: less than 50 EUR


  • skirt - no-name from second hand
  • t-shirt - Intimissimi
  • shoes - Mohito
  • hat - E.Leclerc
  • sunglasses - E.Leclerc
  • scarf on a hat - second hand
  • bracelets - souvenir from my Chinese roommate
  • bag - Perfois
  • watch - no name

Dressup: Dżoolka

Pictures: Bartek Smo

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  1. Torba może być z Parfois, raczej nie z Perfois.