7 June 2015

Boho to the city


So we have summer again and I've changed into city cowgirl again. Maybe this time relate a bit to boho style.
I wear a shirt in very original shape and very, very wide sleeves. But thanks to that it is really very airy (especially when I cycle).
To this I wear jeans shorts with cuffs (thanks to cuffs my shorts are not boring) and quite untypical belt.
It is very rare for me to have a handbag match to my shoes but this time it happened. Moreover my tassels bag and my cowboy boots are in equal colour with a rope by my shirt! :)

As befits me - bracelets should be more than enough. At the same time I have simple, metal once like very old from grandma with mother of pearl. I have also one in "old roman style" and one made by coral which composes to two strings of coral beads which I have on my neck.


  • shirt: ellos
  • shorts: H&M
  • cowboy boots: Promod (bought used)
  • handbag: atmosphere (bought used)
  • belt: Stradivarius
  • hat: secondhand
  • sunglasses: some shop in GB (don't remember)
  • bracelets: mix of sources
  • strings of coral beads: 1. street stand with jewellery and sunglasses, 2. secondhand in GB

Cost of dressup: < 25EUR

Dressup: Dżoolka
Photos: Lechos
Place: Wrocław, Poland


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