19 May 2015

Burgundy interview

Becasue black-white uniform is something terrify for me, even for an interview I rather put on something which is elegant and at the same time custom.


This time I chose black, waxed trausers, which, because of being black, always look elegant and becasuse they are waxed, they do not look like usual jeans. 
I put on a burgundy, "mist" blause in the shape brings to mind three heroes of Alexander Dumas novel. I chose a balck belt with white patterns looks a bit like an Aztec design. 
On my feet I've long shank jackboots with a crocodile invoice.
On top took black jacket with inserts imitate leather. Jacket does not require to be buttoned.
I chose my favorurite black-white bag with a face. 
The whole makes a black sunglasses with diamond border.
But if I got a job? I am still waiting for an answer...


  • blouse - noname
  • waxed trausers - Stradivarius
  • jackboots - Centro
  • belt - Reserved
  • bag - SWAP Wrocław vol. 2
  • jacket - ZARA
  • glasses - Mango

Dressup: Dżoolka
Photos: MoMo-Pics
Place: Wroclaw University of Technology,  Wroclaw, Poland

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