21 July 2014

White, openworked skirt vol. 1


At leats in Wrocław City it became a lil cold so with no fear that you became sweat just coz of looking at me I can show sth with long sleeves.

I put on a short, white dress with openworked frills. I love this skirt coz I associate it with a Wild West and if so, I obligatory had to put on a cowboy shoes to it!

On the top I have an asymmetrical - longer from the back and shorter in front - brown, a bit oversize jumper witch has a hart made from metal sequins, which you already know from the dressup with knickerbockers.

To make this dressup a bit more free and easy I choose little, jeans bag.  

  • dress: House
  • jumper: noname
  • cowboy shoes: Promod
  • bag: New Look
  • glasses: no name, hunted on my SWAP Party 

Total cost of dressup: > 25EUR

Dressup: Dżoolka

Photos: Mona Te -art & photo
Place: Wrocław City, Poland

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