9 August 2014

The "bag" blouse


This is one of my fav dressups. This idea to dress up I already use another summer in the row! Only the begs and cowboy boots changes.
I put on totally prehistoric blouse, which around neckline, sleeves and bottom has openworks completion. The blouse has untyupical, a bit like a bat shape and it is totally oversize. But at the bottom it is getting narrow a bit.
To this blose I put on also my fav shorts jeans and of course cowboy shoes! I also have an Indian
bag which vivify this dressup.

Brown sunglasses in uncomon (and I guess unfashionable) shape makes perfect composition with a mandatory bracelets in, this time, brown and gold colour.

  • facts abt. oversize blouse: is very old, I grabed it from the bottom of the wordrobe, I guess I have it from my aunt who had a model so this blouse for sure costed fortune but, as I have it just from the wardrobe, I am not sure about anyhting concerning this blouse
  • shorts jeans: Forever18
  • cowboy shoes: Promod
  • bracelet: Charity shop, Gret Britain
  • bag: Indian bag was found in the shop in Great Britain
  • sun glasses: almost 20 years old, taken from my mama (read: survived from being thrown away)

Total cost of dressup: around 25EUR
Dressup: Dżoolka
Place: Wroclaw University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland

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