9 June 2014

perfectly matched additives


A child got fat but... What can I do with it now? I only hope that, the same as I grow fat, I will lose this weight! :P I've problem with my knee and it limits me quite much with moving. And that is why I've got fat. But the most important fact is that this dressup has finally saw done its evidence. I managed meetup with Mona Te - my dabster from fashion photography - in the same time and place.
Why did I care so much to brag about it? Becasue never before happened to me to find shoes and bacelet, bag and nail polish so perfeclty fits to the dress!

This dressup, as all of my dressups is super cheap. The only thing from those which are shown on the picture, which I bought brand new are shoes. The base element of this dressup so the dress I hunted on one of my SWAP Parties.

  • dress: House
  • shoes: no name (from the little shoe shop)
  • bracelet: no name (bought used)
  • bag: second hand
  • glasses: 20-years old glasses of my mama, which bared her long time ago so I caught them! :)
  • beads of turquoise: bazar
Total cost of dressup: > 17EUR

Dressup: Dżoolka

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