31 October 2013

Cobalt in jeans


Because I'm not always feel like wedge my legs into tighst. When I'm in hurry and I don't feel like be careful to not laddered my tights, I just put on jeans. This one - in kind of "tights" (coz of being elastic, tight-fitting and mono colour) fits nice to something wider on top. Typical oversize bluses which are last time very fashionable are not in my style. The only exceptions are shirts and among them this silk one in cobalt colour.

To this cobalt, silk and a bit oversize shirt, which seems to be perfet for lef formal day at work (for example Friday which in some comapnies is a day when you can dressup like you want) and super tight jeans I have very old, wide leather belt who was owned by my fater before. 

To this dressup I chosed "too short" cowboy shoes with wide bootlegs to balance these "tightness" and to make it fit to composition with broad shirt.

The bag - in this case very simpe, brown, made from thick leather. On the neck, to add some womanliness - a heart with theme of silver pantera spots on the logn, silver chain. On my arm I obviusly have bracelets – this time silver, to the colour of  heart's chain. Those bracelets are the wonderful souvenir from my fantastic rommate and very close friend from China - Jancin. I hope some day I will see her again.


  • trausers - Forever18 (bought used for less than 1EUR)
  • cobalt shirt - totally noname (no label) from second hand for around 50 eurocents
  • cowboy boots - Promod (bought used for 10EUR)
  • bag - ac (got from mama)
  • heart - britihs shop Charity (1,2EUR)
  • bracelets - present from my friend
  • belt - super-old belt from father :D

Total cost of dressup: around 12,7 EUR
Dressup: Dżoolka
Photos: Mona Te -art & photo
Place: Cafe Muzeum in Museum of Modern Art, Wrocław, Poland

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