30 September 2013

Are you scared of panthera? Vol. 1


Dress is made of fabric and on the front it has an insert made of faux suede. In the back till half of back it has z zip. I got it on some small, insignificant shop and paid for it less than 4 EUR.
I necked silk scarf in muted browns with a theme of dogs. This "dog design" captivated me.
This time I present dressup which is perfect for less formal business meeting. It is not too speckled. Diversion for toned brown colours are shoes with "fur" of panthera.
The dress, which looks like it could be from ZARA brand, is absolutely no name.

The bag is much simpler than shoes. It has a shape of little trunk with small golden legs. It is made of very thick, brown leather with texture in the form of grooves.
The bag does not have a label inside and I was sure it was found by my mom in some british second hand but I was corrected by my aunt who screamed watching this pictures: "Oh! My purse!" - it is from Louis Vuitton...

At the top I wore a dark brown leather jacket indented at the waist. This jacket is over 40 years old. I inherited it from my mom and I wear it since I was attending to elementary school.

Additives are, of course, my inseparable bracelets. This time I have a wide pantera desing bracelet, a wooden one and some thin, metal brancelet in a gold colour. 
For the first time I present a ring to my dressup. It looks like a bow and has black and gold colour. I bought it on the Facebook selling group for a bit more than 1 EUR. 


  • dress - no name
  • shoes - Mohito
  • bag - Lous Vitou
  • leather jacket - I coudn't find a label but it has over 40 years so who cares?
  • ring - don't know, bought used
  • brecelets - variety sources
  • scarf - second hand
  • glasses - no name, swapped

    Dressup: Dżoolka                         

    Pictures: Pojaszek

    Place: Wrocław, Poland





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