23 November 2014

Girlfriend of lumberjack

Somehow I totally forgot about this dressup so I am adding it just now even it is definitely for spring. 

Sightseeing cities is great in condition you have a comfortable shoes and proper clothes. Many times I tried sport shoes but beside the fcact they were never as comfortable as they used to be during making sport, they also never made me feel look good. 
Few times for a spontanous trip I took my fav cowboy style boots. It turned out they were perfect for walking. So, basic on this experience I want to show you same time comfortable and maybe a bit untypical clothes composition. 
How do you like this style? It's much more laid back from all other stylizations I've published here. It's comfortable but same time looks cool. It really works out during trips focused on signtseeing cities (and of course historical monuments, which are most impoetant part of each sightseeing! Ble)
What's invisible on the pic but quite important: a jacket has a hood and hoods are alldandy! 

Now watching this pictures I regreat I didn't take a shoot with an axe holding in my hands. Too bad! Now I have to wait for spring, when weather and temperature enable me to repeat this session!


  • cap: terranova
  • sweater: noname
  • t-shirt: Teens
  • belt: strasznie stary, należący do taty, uratowany przed wyrzuceniem
  • shoes: ALDO

Dressup and pictures: Dżoolka

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