19 August 2014

Formal pink


This outfit I put on for the meeting of the first polish school were lecutres give only entrepreneurs. My dressup at the same time is elegant and laid-back. Undoubtedly it is not a uniform which I don't like so much but, at the same time it is something which is possible to put on going to the office or even more serious meeting (but in this case without ring)

I have a black, waxed, skinny trausers on, blouse with original back which, unfortunately are visible just on one picture and it's also not too sharp. To not walk with "nacked" back where it's not quite the thing, I have a wide jacket made of very slight cloth. Jacket with navy stripes breach too much black with withe. 

To not look too monotonously I put on hills in salmon pink which, like it is known, makes person slimer (of cours hills, not colour). Those shoes I echieved while I had an appintment with hairdresser. It is already a tradition thath, everytime I go to have my hair cut, I always buy shoes. Just next to beauty salon is located a small, no-name shoe shop which has very interesing models of shoes in very good prices!
White-black-salmon pink bracelet, which I got on one of selling groups on Facebook looks like being in one package with shoes and a ring. All styling is completed by narrow, pink, patent belt.  
Because I do not like to feel too serious, I took black-white bag with a face and a bit funny gigant sun glasses with gold finish. 


  • waxed trausers - Stradivarius
  • blouse - no name
  • shoes - no name 
  • jacket - inherited after Grandma
  • belt - Deichmann
  • bag - no name, got on my SWAP Party
  • ring - purchased on my SWAP Party 

Total cost of dressup: around 30EUR 
Dressup: Dżoolka
Photos: Ewa Żywicka
Place: Wroclaw University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland

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